Theiss Farms Market
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Tomatoes are probably the most popular item at our market and homegrown, red ripe, good-tasting tomatoes are the reason. The main crop of our tomatoes is a variety that has been raised in this area for over 40 years and taste is the reason. Although they are not as firm as some varieties, they have what it takes to make a good eating tomato. The produce buyers in the Houston area of years ago preferred this variety and they said the best tasting tomatoes were from North Harris County – (Klein area). We also plant several varieties that are firm tomatoes for our customers who prefer a firmer tomato. 

Our sweet corn is the best! We cut it fresh every day so that it stays sweet longer and will hold longer without freezing or canning. The tasty, crunchy kernels are excellent raw, roasted, and boiled. The ears may be frozen whole in the shucks and will last a considerable length of time in the freezer without losing the sugar content. We sell corn by the ear or bushel.

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